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1. Homework In order to create a functionally complete product for You, I need to understand the purpose of the products, its target audiences and markets. Once that is clear, I get to know the product itself: the copy, the images and all other materials You have prepared. I also familiarize myself with the production methods, their potentials and limitations. Functional solutions are the result of knowledge about the product, the market and production methods. Which is why I familiarize myself with what You are doing or aiming for before I begin my part of the creative process.
2. Design Some of the central ideas have already been born during homework, others require more work. I expand the information scope until all ideas have been formulated.

Design is the organisation of ideas into a logical and functional whole. The categorisation of materials is not a given in the beginning of the process, but upon completion is should seem like that is their natural order. Design consists largely of bringing order to chaos. In addition to categorising the content, the whole arsenal of images, colors, layout, typestyles and the rest of the graphic tools come into play at this stage. 
3. Execution Practical experience and wide-ranging knowledge of technologies are necessary for bringing about a proper result. I utilize standard software, I have in-depth knowledge of tens of design-related programs and study up on new ones routinely. I know the ins and outs of publication production and can handle almost any part of production: illustration, photography, layout, programming, pre-press as well as digital formats for electronic publication. My customers appreciate in particular that I do the assignments rapidlyprofessionally and within budget

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We utilize Keyshot 8 to render photorealistic product shots.

Marketing Experience

Graphic design is not just about giving an external appearance to a product. I get to know the material thoroughly, I want to know the product or service and its users, their interests and needs. In such wise the design decisions work to give the right impression of your product or service to the target audience.

I have years of experience working in marketing, so user-orientation, surveys, statistics and profitability are built-in to my thinking.

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