Typesetting Services

taittoWe have expanded the typesetting services that we offer. We specialise in print publications and/or PDF-format electronic publication.

Our emphasis is on long document publications: fiction and non-fiction, book series, encyclopedic volumes, reference volumes, reports, educational material and manuals, program publications, self publishing books, booklets, etc. We also do illustrated publications such as brochures and product catalogs. If necessary, our graphic designer designs the typesetting templates, draws the diagrams and illustrations and takes the needed photos. 

Even the most demanding jobs are done rapidly, thoroughly and professionally to high quality standards. The printer-ready material goes through quality control before it leaves for the press.

Our typesetting is done in InDesign. We can also typeset in FrameMaker or do FrameMaker-to-InDesign conversion.

Typesetting Products

Examples of our typesetting can be found in the Publications Portfolio.

Background of the Typesetting Section

Our quality is based on broad experience of the publishing industry. I begun designing and typesetting book series in 1991 and have done everything from paperbacks to leatherbound special editions, from dictionaries and encyclopedias to coffee table book, art books and poetry books.

I have also designed the exterior for a nearly 100-volume reference series and typeset several thousand-page volumes, as well as illustrated book from childrens books to technical manuals.

A number of these books have been published in over ten languages utilizing the same typesetting templates.